Tips on How To Start Using Pinterest For Business

There are all sorts of social networking sites that can make your business more successful, but some of them still fly under the radar. Why use Pinterest for business?. Pinterest is growing fast. Pinterest marketing could help your business as a part of your online marketing mix.  If you’re in an appropriate vertical, Pinterest has the power to make your business grow larger than you ever dreamed.

When it comes to marketing on Pinterest, many businesses are stuck and don’t know where to start. Here are a few quick tips that can get you started on using Pinterest for business and take the intimidation out of Pinterest marketing, for almost any business.

Cover Image
Choose a cohesive cover image for all your boards, with the board title on the image.

You can pin gifs and videos, as well as regular images. Be sure to do all three for a good variety. Pin and repin regularly (at least 1-2 times per week).

Be really specific with your boards and include clear titles. For instance, boards like “Website Designing” and “Mobile Website” will usually do better than one board called “Websites.”

Make sure all your board and pin categories are correct so they can be found easily when users are browsing.

You can use hashtags on Pinterest. Make sure you only use 2-3 max per pin and keep to keywords.

Take advantage of the free Pinterest analytics once you’ve verified your website:

Verify your website and add your Twitter account to add authenticity.

Invite your power users or community to a shared board for collaboration or creative brainstorming.

Display Your Company Culture
Have a board that shares images from your office or company events to humanize your business and its employees.

Pin It Button
Install the Pin It button on all your eCommerce pages to make sharing as easy as possible.

Use Alt Tags
Make sure all the images on your website have alt tags so they can be pinned easily.

Pin Your Articles/Newsletters
Automatically pin all your blog posts or newsletters on a specific board for each, OR in their applicable category.

Place Titles Over Images
Pins that have blog post titles on them may be more likely to be shared, since they explain what they are linking to.
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